Two Fresh Creative

Copa America 2019

 NBC Sports / Copa America 2019



NBC Sports tasked us with creating a graphics package for the 2019 Copa America Games to be aired on the Telemundo/Universo networks.

From developing the logo to creating all the assets for their in-studio and in-game needs, we were able to explore both 3D and cel animation, and found fun ways to combine both styles across all the deliverables.

Client: NBC Sports
Creative Directors: Marcos Vaz + Phil Guthrie
Executive Producer: Scott Rothstein


Logo Development


Cel Animation Add-on


Below there are some cel elements which have been combined to see some process of how they were created from line drawing to the final elements.


Poster Designs


We created a massive amount of poster designs that were laid out on the various elements. Some become more hero than others and some had some animation and others were still.