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Foster Grant


The Ultimate Team....

EA Sports Fifa games have grown in popularity year after year. So a few years back EA Sports developed the Ultimate Team (FUT) section of the game and it has been very popular. One unexpected element of the Ultimate Team is the player packs.

These player packs have been opened via popular Youtubers and become a kind of following. What will the pack reveal. So the way the packs are created is a sensitive matter. There have to be clues during ever step of the open and reveal to create excitement and tension to the viewers. This year was no different.

We created multiple looks and EA settled on one look that they wanted to move forward with. The we set out to create the full animation. This animation is actually used as a reference for the team there to create in the game engine and efficient for graphics levels on all platforms.

Along with the pack open we did the wipes and gave design ideas for insert graphics for the Ultimate Team graphics package. We teamed up with ModOP to create these elements for delivery.